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When the factory is relocated abroad, what should I pay attention to when using special cabinets?

Today’s export example is still the development trend under our “One Belt, One Road” policy. A large factory needs to be relocated overseas as a whole. This time, our export consultant is dealing with large equipment. Combination, it must be an export consultant with considerable experience to undertake this important task!

This time, the person in charge of the factory was also recommended by a friend to find us. On the first day of contact, our export consultant went directly to the factory to inspect the relevant equipment and equipment of the relocated factory. After all, the relevant export information provided by the factory can only predict a range, which is not accurate. After on-site inspection and verification by our consultants, we started to rearrange and implement the relocation plan.


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On the second day, we provided a specific relocation plan, and introduced the characteristics and precautions of special container transportation to the customer at the first time. According to the customer's planned time, we made the container loading schedule and customs declaration time plan, and minimized the special container as much as possible. Storage fees for cabinets at the dock.

When loading the goods, the export consultant came to the factory for personal guidance, and the whole process was closely coordinated with the manufacturer. It was originally planned to ship 25 containers, but finally 18 containers were shipped with all the materials, which directly saved the customer more than 100,000 yuan in shipping costs.

特种柜出口 特种柜运输


The person in charge of the refinery highly praised the professionalism of the export consultant and the considerate follow-up of the customer service department: Guangzhou Hongde International has truly achieved the professional freight forwarding service of "saving time, labor, money and worry"!

So, how to choose special cabinets and what to pay attention to when exporting special cabinets? The following is a general list of special cabinet precautions:

1. Inquiry for special cabinets

In addition to providing the port of departure and the port of destination, the inquiry of special containers must provide the number of pieces, gross weight and accurate size of the goods. Gross weight and size are the most important, professional agents will choose the appropriate container type and shipping company according to the cargo information, route and shipper's requirements.

If there is a discrepancy between the size and the actual size or the discrepancy is larger, it will cause certain losses if the container cannot be loaded or the shipping company cannot pick up the goods.

2. Booking after the inquiry is confirmed

After confirming the freight, the shipper will provide the consignment letter (the consignment letter needs to show the correct consignee and consignor information, the Chinese and English name of the goods, the scheduled shipping company, the shipping date, the box type, the port of departure/destination, and the hair body information of the goods, HS code and other information). After receiving the entrustment, the freight forwarder will verify the position with the shipping company, and arrange the box according to the process.

3. The making of special cabinets (factory installation and warehouse installation)

The packing of special container goods is an important link. Whether it is trailers to the factory for factory loading, or the factory delivers to the agency warehouse for interior loading, it is necessary to strictly follow the binding and reinforcement requirements of the shipping company. Do not cut corners and make your own decisions. . Packing is also roughly divided into three parts:

1. Equipment packaging

According to the size and weight of the goods, different materials such as compressed wood and channel steel are used to make the packaging base, and then according to the shape of the goods, screws, wooden squares, straps, welding and other methods are used to fix them in the box. The packaging design of the goods should meet the needs of hoisting and transportation, ensure the safety of the goods, and minimize the packaging size to save transportation costs.

2. Hoisting and packing

Choose appropriate lifting and slinging tools according to the packaging, lifting point, weight, size and operation site of the goods; the special container evaluates the occupied space and then calculates the freight according to the oversized size of the goods in the box.

Therefore, for a single batch of multi-container goods, it is necessary to formulate a reasonable packing plan, which not only ensures that each container is not overweight, the number of containers used is the least, and the space occupied is the least.

3. Binding and fixing

According to the characteristics, weight, size, and center of gravity of the goods, use the materials that meet the requirements, and bind and fix them in the designated places to ensure the safety of the goods during transportation and meet the requirements of the shipping company.

Some shipping companies have their own lashing requirements for frame containers, which must be confirmed with the shipping company in advance, so that the containers cannot be returned to the designated yard of the shipping company in time, or have an impact on subsequent shipments.

4. Transportation of special containers

Select the appropriate model according to the specific size of the goods. If the height is high, generally more than 3.6m, you need to choose a low-level flatbed truck as the box, otherwise it will not be able to enter the port.

Summary: out of the special cabinet, you must find a professional agent to do it, otherwise you may not be able to board the ship due to various reasons such as unqualified lashings and inconsistent dimensions! The most important thing is that we have accumulated more than 20 years of practical experience in Guangzhou Hongde International. After all, professional people do professional things!


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