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East American Sea Route

The American route has always been a popular route. As a big importer, the United States imports a large number of commodities from many countries every year, so port congestion, lack of containers, lack of cabins and other phenomena are very common.

As we enter 2022, due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the wage dispute between American and Western American dockworkers, and the increase in shipment volume when factories resume work, the blockage of the docks in Western America has not yet been alleviated. Under the port of Mercer, more and more ships are redirecting to the East Coast of the United States.

For the east coast of the United States, foreign traders pay more attention to which ports in the east of the United States will import goods from when they are shipped to the United States.



The main port in the eastern United States

By route, the United States is divided into the Eastern and western routes. "Meishi", namely the West coast of the United States, also known as the Pacific coast of the United States; "Eastern United States", that is, the East coast of the United States, also known as the Atlantic coast of the United States. The ports on the East-America and West-America routes are basically the basic ports for shipping companies to call on the United States.

Ports on the Eastbound route include NEW York New YORK, Boston, SAVANNAH, HOUSTON, NORFOLK, MIAMI, CHARLESTON, Philadelphia, Baltimore, New York New orleans, etc.



1、 New York Harbor

New York Harbor, the largest seaport in the United States, one of the largest seaports in the world. Located at the mouth of the Hudson River in the northeast of the United States and facing the Atlantic Ocean to the east, more than 4,000 ships enter and exit each year on average.

New York is well developed in sea, land and air transportation, with two east-west continental railroads (New York-Seattle; New York -- Los Angeles) bridgehead.



2、 Charleston Harbor
Charleston is a major port in South Carolina. The warehouse area of the port area is 750,000 square meters, the open yard is 150,000 square meters, and the container yard is 1.4 million square meters.
The bulk cargo terminal has a maximum reliable capacity of 50,000 deadweight tons of vessels, and is equipped with movable slideway loaders with a maximum loading and unloading capacity of 2,500 tons per hour.
3、 Norfolk Harbour

Norfolk is located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean on the Elizabeth River, which hugs the mouth of Chesapeake Bay. It is a natural deep water port and a trading port between the Atlantic coast of the United States and the West Indies.
It mainly exports coal, cotton, tobacco and other industries to shipbuilding, ship repair and automobile assembly. It is one of the US naval bases.
4、Savannah Harbor
The commercial port of Georgia, the east coast of the United States, the water depth of the port channel is about 11 meters, 10,000 tons of sea vessels can reach. The port area starts from Fort Jackson, where the lower Savannah River meets the Buck River, and extends about 9 nautical miles northwest along the river.
There are more than 50 piers along the coast, most of which are distributed on the right bank of the river.
5、Baltimore Harbor
Baltimore is the largest city in Maryland, located on the west side of the top of the Chesapeake Bay, more than 60 kilometers southwest from Washington, and an important seaport and industrial center along the Atlantic coast of the United States.
The port has a small tidal range, no freezing in winter, and a deep waterway. The annual throughput of the port often ranks among the top ten in the United States, and the import and export trade plays an important role in the city economy.

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