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Supporting services


Trailer declaration

Provide one-stop freight trailer and customs declaration services from the Pearl River Delta to Guangzhou Nansha and Shenzhen terminals (Shekou Terminal, Yantian Terminal, Dachanwan Terminal, Chiwan Terminal), the company has officially signed more than 10 teams, and can mobilize more than 100 vehicles , including various trailers, ton trucks, and special transport vehicles, to meet the various logistics needs of customers at any time. The contracted drivers are senior drivers with many years of practical experience and are familiar with the operation procedures of various customs gates and customs supervision ports.

Our advantage:

1. The price is favorable, and the teams we have signed are all large-scale and well-qualified teams in the Pearl River Delta region.

2. Rich in resources, we have more than 10 contracted teams, and the company can mobilize more than 100 vehicles at any time, which can fully meet your various logistics needs in off-peak seasons.

3. Fast customs clearance, high-quality professional customs declaration personnel, and long-term legal customs clearance records, reduce the customs inspection rate; long-term good communication relationship with customs can solve difficult problems in the customs clearance process in a timely manner.

4. Safe and smooth, all our contracted vehicles are equipped with GPS satellite positioning systems, so that we can know the driving position of the vehicles at any time, which can not only ensure the safety of the goods, but also guide the vehicles to bypass the blocked roads, so as to ensure that they arrive at the factory on time and arrive at the warehouse on time.

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