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Lithium battery products are exported to the United States

Exporters all know that the export of live products needs to provide the MSDS certificate and transportation appraisal report to the shipping company for review, and only after the review can the space be released. The audit takes time, and the cycle is really not short. How can the certificate inspection be completed in a short time and shipped quickly? Here we share with you a case where live products were successfully shipped before the Spring Festival holiday.


锂电池出口 锂电池规定



At the end of 2021, there will be a certain decline in sea freight, and many customers want to ship as soon as possible so that they can go home early for the Spring Festival. One of the shipments was a live product. The factory consulted a number of freight forwarders, and the reply was: the time to review the qualifications will only be completed after the Spring Festival, and the export will definitely not be in time for the pre-holiday export. The requirement that the factory must ship before the year is difficult to meet.

Finally, the customer found us through a friend's introduction. It is understood that this order has been completed a month ago, and the foreign consignee was unable to deliver the goods due to the high freight rate. The supplier will deliver the goods immediately. Our Hongde export consultants have formulated a specific delivery plan according to the situation of the goods and the timeliness requirements. First of all, we must ensure that customers can pack and ship them before the Chinese New Year. Second, we must find the right products required by foreign customers. the price of the class.

The customer's factory is about to have a holiday. Our company will first bring the goods back to the Guangzhou warehouse, and simultaneously submit the relevant qualifications of the batch of goods to the shipping company for review.

In the annual statistics of MSC booking in 2021, our company has established a long-term and stable cooperative relationship with the MSC shipping company on the US route export volume exceeding 2000TEU, so we can also apply for more discounts for customers in terms of price, we will find it immediately Corresponding to the price class required by the customer, and the qualification review work is also prioritized, and the time is matched.


锂电池出口 锂电池标志


This directly implementable solution is immediately confirmed by foreign customers, and at the same time, we are very recognized overseas for our prompt response to our services. With the full cooperation of the shipping company, this batch of goods was quickly delivered in the current cabin and arrived at the port of destination before January 31.

In addition to this example of the export of live goods, we can design export plans in accordance with the requirements and conditions of customers for the export of other goods. We have complete services such as supporting warehousing services, trailer and export customs declaration services, and maritime declaration. It can provide efficient and guaranteed transportation agency services for the majority of foreign trade export customers.

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