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The Spanish-American shipping Line

By route, the United States is divided into the Western and eastern routes.

The West coast of the United States, also known as the Pacific Coast; The East Coast of the United States is also called the Atlantic Coast, including the Gulf Coast.
The ports on the Western and eastern American routes are basically the basic ports for shipping companies to call on the United States. Other smaller ports and inland points, often viewed on shipping routes as inland points in the United States.
Most shipping lines to the United States offer intermodal service to points inland.
"Combined transport" is the transport of two or more different modes of transport, such as sea-land combined transport, sea-air combined transport, air-land combined transport, sea-land combined transport, etc.
For example: From Ocean Hill Port to Las Vegas, Nevada and other inland points in the United States, First by sea to the Port of Los Angeles or Port of Long Beach in the State of California, It is then transferred to Las Vegas by truck or train. This is the sea-land transport.
Combined transport is different from transit.
Combined transport is two or more different modes of transport, and transit is the same mode of transport. For example, Shanghai Yangsan Port - New York (New York), transiting in Pusan, South Korea. From the beginning to the end, it is by sea. It does not change the mode of transportation. It is transit, not combined transportation.
The main ports on the Spanish-American route are: Los Angeles; Long Beach C. San Francisco; Portland; Seattle, etc.
1、Los Angeles (Los Angeles) is located in the western United States, the Pacific coast of SAN Pietro Bay, California (CA for short) southwest, the total population of about 10 million, is the second largest city in the United States, next to New York.
Los Angeles is one of the bridgeheads of the North American land bridge. It is the western bridgehead of the Santa Fe Railroad, the main trunk line across the east and west of the United States, and the eastern bridgehead of the Atlantic coast is Philadelphia.
The other main line was the Southern Pacific Railroad, which ran from Los Angeles through the port of New orleans to Jacksonville on the Atlantic coast.
Los Angeles is the largest industrial city on the West Coast of the United States, famous for its aircraft manufacturing and oil industry.
Lockheed, one of the two largest aircraft manufacturers in the United States, is the monopoly of American aircraft and missile manufacturing, located just north of downtown.
The California oil fields are near the Los Angeles muscle. Hollywood in the northwest is the center of the American film industry, and the Disney amusement park in the east is world-famous.
2、 Long Beach is a major port and city in southern California.
The port of Long Beach is one of the largest container ports in the country.
The Pacific coast, 40 kilometers south of Los Angeles, is the largest of the Los Angeles satellite city cluster.
Modern artificial harbor facilities, Los Angeles-Long Beach Naval Base. Beautiful scenery, pleasant climate, for the famous seaside resort.
The port of Long Beach is located in the south of Los Angeles, only 40 kilometers away from Los Angeles, less than the distance between Ocean Hill Port and Waigaoqiao Port.
So, to Long Beach or Los Angeles, you can pretty much pick either one, pretty much. Depending on which ship company is mainly attached, you can choose flexibly.
3、 San Francisco (Port of San Francisco), also known as "San Francisco" or "San Francisco City", is located in central California, between the Pacific Ocean and San Francisco Bay at the northern end of the peninsula. Second largest port city in the western United States, after Los Angeles. Known as the "West Coast gateway" said. It is the main route for trade in the Pacific region of the United States.
San Francisco port has superior natural conditions and is known as one of the "three great natural ports in the world".
The harbor covers an area of 1126 square kilometers, and passes through the Golden Gate Strait, which is only 1200 meters wide, to the Pacific Ocean.
Port facilities are excellent, with wharves, berths and warehouses mainly located east of the bay near Richmond and Auckland. There are three transcontinental railways in Hong Kong, which facilitate land and water transport, and a dense road network.
San Francisco is the largest financial center in the West. Warm in winter and cool in summer, it is one of the famous tourist cities in the western United States. The "Chinatown" in the northeast corner of the city is the largest concentration of Chinese Americans.
4、Portland (or) is a city in the U.S. state of Oregon. The city is located near the mouth of the Willamette River, where it meets the Columbia River, in the northwestern United States.
Portland is the most populous city in Oregon, with more than 590,000 people living in the Portland metropolitan area, according to 2013 population data.
The Portland metropolitan area, centered in Portland, is home to 2.41 million people, making it the 19th most populous metro area in the United States.
It is the second largest city in the Pacific Northwest after Seattle. Be careful not to confuse Portland, Oregon (or) in the northwestern United States with Portland, Maine (ME) in the northeastern United States.
The United States has a large number of cities with the same name, so it is best to use the name of the state or the short name of the state to avoid ambiguity, because there are no cities with the same name within the same state. Portland, OR is Portland, Oregon. Portland, ME is Portland, Maine.
5、Seattle (Port of Seattle) is located in the western Puget Sound of the State of Washington in the northwest of the United States, and is a natural harbor. It is the main starting and ending point of the North Pacific route and an important gateway to the Far East and Alaska.
Developed industry, is the United States famous aircraft giant "Boeing" headquarters. More than 50% of the world's total production of jetliners.
Seattle and Vancouver, Canada, are about as close as Beijing to Shijiazhuang. It's a 2-3 hour drive. Vancouver is Canada's largest port and one of the world's major wheat exporters.

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