Chinese sellers have suffered heavy losses! Tens of thousands of goods were burned ...

2024-05-22 09:29

A few days ago, a fire broke out in a warehouse of nearly 30,000 square meters in Birmingham, England, and a large number of goods piled up in the warehouse were burned, which caused huge economic losses to Chinese cross-border sellers.

Overseas warehouse burst into flames!

According to foreign media reports, at 6:15 local time on the 9th, a fire broke out in the center of a warehouse in an industrial area in Cannock, northwest of Birmingham, England.

A sudden explosion and fire broke out in the warehouse, producing a large amount of smoke that quickly spread throughout the industrial area, billowing for miles within a radius of smoke. Witnesses said explosions were heard before the fire.

Due to the smoke, the fire department asked nearby residents to close their doors and windows and evacuate nearby businesses urgently.

Through photos and videos of the scene taken by local residents, thick black smoke can be seen rising over the warehouse, and thick smoke can be seen even 20 miles away from the warehouse.

The local fire department responded quickly and dispatched ten fire trucks to the warehouse center on Clay Road near Cannock's A460 track island to extinguish the fire.

According to the fire department, firefighters were still fighting a "major" fire around noon on May 9 involving a warehouse building with a floor area of 38,000 square meters (45,448 square feet) "the size of two football fields."

At the time of the fire, there was no one in the parcel distribution warehouse, and the scene had been fully evacuated, but due to the scale of the fire, the operation would continue at least "for a few more days." ”

Chinese sellers have suffered heavy losses!

It is understood that the warehouse belongs to a Chinese warehousing and logistics company, which is the key base of the logistics company in the United Kingdom, providing warehousing solutions and logistics distribution services.

The warehouse covers an area of 30,000 square meters, and the storage inside is basically the goods sent by Chinese cross-border sellers, and when fully operational, it can handle nearly 70,000 parcels per day.

As a result of the fire, a large number of goods in the warehouse were burned, and the storage center and cross-border sellers suffered heavy losses, and the economic losses are expected to reach hundreds of millions of yuan, and the specific cause of the fire is also under investigation.

Fortunately, there were no casualties in the accident, and the company in charge of the warehouse also said that it had reported to the insurance company, and the damaged assets and inventory of the warehouse had been insured, and the insurance loss claim plan would be launched to the sellers in the future, so as to try its best to recover the losses of the sellers.

This measure is expected to provide some financial support to affected sellers.

It should be noted that due to the burning of goods, Chinese cross-border sellers will not only suffer heavy losses, but also face the problem of difficult delivery, which may cause a small increase in British distribution and warehousing in a short period of time.

Overseas warehouse precautions

Although the cause of the accident has not yet been ascertained, it has also sounded the alarm for logistics companies with overseas warehouses for warehouse safety. Be sure to pay attention to warehouse safety management and take precautions in advance:

Strengthen warehouse safety management: formulate a sound warehouse safety management system, including safety operation procedures for all aspects of cargo classification, storage, handling, inventory, etc., to ensure the safety of goods.

Regularly inspect warehouse facilities: Regularly inspect and maintain warehouse facilities to ensure that shelves, fire-fighting facilities and other equipment are in good condition, and find and eliminate potential safety hazards in a timely manner.

Strengthen staff training: Conduct safety training for overseas warehouse employees, so that they can understand the warehouse safety management system and operating procedures, and improve safety awareness. At the same time, we provide employees with necessary protective equipment to ensure their personal safety.

Strengthen information system security: Establish a sound information system security management system, and take encryption, backup, firewall and other measures to ensure the security of order and inventory data. At the same time, the information system is regularly inspected and the vulnerability is repaired to prevent data leakage or tampering.

Introduce intelligent security system: use modern scientific and technological means, such as video surveillance, intrusion alarm system, intelligent inspection robots, etc., to carry out all-round and real-time monitoring of overseas warehouses, and timely find and deal with potential safety hazards.

Establish cooperation with the local police: Establish close cooperation with the local police, strengthen communication and cooperation, jointly combat theft, robbery and other crimes, and ensure the safety of overseas warehouses.

Through the implementation of the above preventive measures, it can effectively reduce the safety hazards of overseas warehouses, ensure the safety of goods, facilities and personnel, and provide safe and reliable warehousing services for cross-border e-commerce sellers.

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