Hongdex celebrates its 17th anniversary, joining hands with the community to deliver warmth

2024-05-07 17:44

Today, our company welcomes a special day - the 17th anniversary of the establishment of Hongdex International Freight Co., Ltd. At this moment worth celebrating, we are not only looking back on the glory of the past, but also looking forward to the beauty of the future.

As a company that has been established for 17 years, we know that our own development is closely related to the development of society. Therefore, on this special day, we actively respond to our social responsibilities and give back to society, the source of our development, through practical actions. And today, we are honored to share this joy and warmth with you.

On this anniversary day, Hongde International took the initiative to contact the staff of Qiaonan Subdistrict to jointly offer love to the special needy groups in Nanjiao Village and Chenyong Village. We gave away daily necessities such as fans, rice and noodles, hoping to bring a touch of coolness and warmth to their lives.

Nanjiao Village and Chenyong Village are part of the community where our company is located. These groups with special difficulties are part of our lives. They may be little known, but they also have the same desire for care. It is precisely based on our deep affection for the community and awareness of social responsibility that we decided to select these groups with special difficulties, hoping to provide them with some practical support and help when they need help.

Every fan, every bag of rice, and every package of noodles contains our deep friendship for the community and our sincere care for life. We believe that the power of love is infinite and the warm flame will spread to every corner. Through our small actions, it may only be a momentary touch, but we hope to pass it on to more people and inspire more people to join the ranks of caring for the community and helping others.

"Working together with the community to deliver warmth" is not only the slogan to celebrate the 17th anniversary of our company, but also the corporate mission that we have always upheld. In the days to come, we will continue to carry forward this spirit, stay true to our original aspirations, keep our mission in mind, make more contributions to society, and do our modest part to build a harmonious and beautiful society.

Finally, we would like to thank everyone who supports and cares about us. It is your support and trust that allows us to continue to grow and expand. Let us move forward hand in hand and create a better tomorrow together!

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