Maersk announced: resumption of booking!

2024-05-23 09:24

On May 20, local time, the container ship "Dali", which crashed into the Baltimore Bridge in the United States, successfully refloated and was towed out of the main channel, and then led to the local marine terminal. This incident marks a critical step forward for the Port of Baltimore to return to full operations.

A few days ago, Maersk issued an announcement announcing the resumption of new bookings at the Port of Baltimore in the East of the United States.

Booking Services:

AGAS service:
  1. Import to BAL - Dubai Express 421n – ETA June 1 (departing Cartagena, CO - May 19; departing Manzanillo, PA – May 20)
  2. Export from BAL - Dubai Express 422S – ETD June 1

AMEX service:
  1. Import to BAL – Nele Maersk 417N –ETA June 11 (departing Cape Town, SA – May 23)
  2. Export from BAL – Nele Maersk 422S – ETD June 11

    Currently, TP12 service for transatlantic and bookings for Baltimore exports have not yet reopened due to the unstable situation at the Port of Baltimore. This decision is based on an ongoing focus on the condition of the shipping lanes deployed on these services, and the booking service will reopen as more relevant information becomes available.

    While it is currently acceptable for imports from Asia to Baltimore, the exact level of acceptance will be subject to space availability. At the same time, bookings for the AGAS and AMEX services are now open, as vessels on these two services are able to operate using the Fort Mchenry limited lane, which is currently not available to vessels on other transpacific or transatlantic services

    Maersk reminds that the situation at the Port of Baltimore remains volatile and the viability of reservations depends on the availability of space. In addition, the opening of the Port of Baltimore will depend on the schedule for the re-afloat of the "Dali" and the progress of the reopening of the four temporary lanes that were previously closed. If time or conditions do not allow the vessel to call at Baltimore, it may be re-called at another port in the East of the United States.

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