These two shipping companies announced: before and after the Spring Festival will be suspended to receive goods to South China, please pay attention to the shipment!

2022-12-19 13:47


Shipping companies CMA CGM and Hapag-lloyd recently issued notices suspending shipments to southern China during the Lunar New Year holiday.


Cma CMA suspended shipments to South China during the Spring Festival


According to the latest news released by CMA CMA, the operators of branch lines in South China and Hong Kong have announced the suspension of branch line services from Jan 1 to Jan 31, 2023, due to quarantine requirements for crew members due to the COVID-19 outbreak before the Lunar New Year.


In view of this situation, CMA CGM will restrict the routes of cargoes destined for the following southern China ports.


The restriction will apply to cargo bound for about 30 destinations in January, including three destinations in Fujian province (Fuzhou, Fuqing and Quanzhou) with stops in Hong Kong, Yantian, Nansha and Shekou respectively. Normal service is expected to resume in early February, subject to further updates from feeder operators.



1、Only apply to dry box, not accept dangerous box/freezer /OOG special cabinet.


2、Branch line sailings are subject to change and additional charges to be charged to the consignee by the branch line operator.


3、The consignee shall bear the additional charge of idling T/S goods in Hong Kong, Nansha, Shekou, Yantian and Xiamen for more than 14 days.


The full notice from CMA CMA is as follows:



Hapag-lloyd will stop receiving goods from South China during the Spring Festival

A few days ago, the official website of Hebleot also announced that the branch line operator in South China announced to suspend the branch line service from late December 2022 to the end of January 2023. This is a precautionary measure as there are quarantine requirements for sailors sailing between South China and Hong Kong after the 2023 Spring Festival holiday.


In view of the situation, Haberot said it would suspend the receipt of goods with final destinations in the Pearl River Delta region and Fuzhou region until further notice. However, mainline freight services to major ports such as Hong Kong, Yantian or Shekou will continue.


It should be noted that any additional overtime rates implemented by feeder operators during this period will be borne by shippers. Any additional charges and liabilities related to demururation charges, terminal storage charges or terminal charges incurred at the transshipment ports (Hong Kong, Shekou, Yan Tin, Tai Po Wan) after the containers have been discharged during the suspension period of the feeder operators will be borne by the shippers.


In addition, the booking suspension time to South China is based on the estimated arrival time (ETA) of major ports such as Hong Kong, Yantian, Shekou and Tai Chao Wan. Suitable for all types and sizes of container cargo, including special cargo (DG/RF/OOG).


The following is the list of ports in South China affected and the starting and ending times for suspension of booking:


The full notice from Haberot is as follows:




Cancel health code inspection for boarding personnel
The requirement for nucleic acid testing before boarding the ship will be cancelled


In addition, on December 13, the Maritime Safety Administration of the People's Republic of China released the latest edition of the Operational Guidelines for the Prevention and Control of COVID-19 by Ships and Sailors, requiring the cancellation of the inspection of information such as health code and journey code for those boarding ships.


Operational Guidelines for the Prevention and Control of COVID-19 by Ship and Crew (12th edition)


Amendment Note
In order to earnestly implement the work deployment of the Joint Prevention and Control mechanism of The State Council, our bureau further optimized and adjusted the epidemic prevention and control measures for ships and crews, and revised the Operational Guide for the Prevention and Control of the COVID-19 Epidemic for Ships and Crews (12th edition) in accordance with the Notice on Further Optimizing and Implementing the Prevention and Control Measures for the COVID-19 Pandemic (Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism Comprehensive Issue No. 113 (2022)). The major revisions are as follows:
I. Cancel the inspection of information such as health code and travel code for boarding personnel.

2. The movement of crew members of domestic vessels shall be carried out in accordance with the relevant epidemic prevention policies on the movement of land personnel.

3. Cancel the requirement for nucleic acid testing before the crew embarks overseas.

4. The requirement for passengers of passenger ships to check their health codes, travel cards and nucleic acid negative certificates before boarding is cancelled.

5. Crew members with abnormal health during the ship and suspected COVID-19 patients should be treated in accordance with the Guidelines for Home Treatment of COVID-19 Patients.

Vi. Other descriptions.



Operational Guidelines for the Prevention and Control of COVID-19 by Ship and Crew (12th Edition)


In recent years, shipping companies have issued similar notices to suspend shipments from South China during the Spring Festival. However, in response to such a move, it is possible to see whether the shipping companies will change the relevant notices after the Maritime Safety Administration issued the latest quarantine requirements for crew members on December 13.

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