Declaration requirements for energy storage container sea export

2024-06-11 12:00

What are the components of the lithium battery energy storage system: the composition of the energy storage system mainly includes the battery system, PCS converter system, box transformer system (if any), station transformer system (if any), energy management system and monitoring system (SCADA system), primary and secondary cables, etc.

Export declaration requirements for energy storage containers

01Export declaration requirements for energy storage containers

HS CODE:8504402000

Product Name: Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Declaration Element 1: Product Name; 2: Brand type; 3: Preferential export benefits; 4: Power; 5: Brand (Chinese or foreign name); 6: Model; 7:GTIN; 8:CAS; 9: Other;  

UN No.:3536

United Nations Correct Shipping Name (Chinese): Lithium battery pack in cargo unit Lithium-ion battery pack or lithium metal battery pack

United Nations Correct Transport Name: LITHIUM BATTERIES INSTALLED IN CARGO TRANSPORT UNIT lithium ion batteries or lithium metal batteries

Packaging Category: N/A

Major hazard categories: 9

Minor hazard category: None

Special provisions for carriage: 389

02Do you need a dangerous package certificate for the export of energy storage containers?

Lithium battery energy storage cabinet is classified as 9 category 9 dangerous goods, and the export of UN3536 does not need to apply for a dangerous package certificate.

Precautions for the export of energy storage containers


01Regulatory requirements for energy storage containers

Energy storage battery cabinets do not need to be inspected for import and export commodities, and are exempted from dangerous package certificates, but should be used in accordance with international regulations for the transportation of dangerous goods.

02Energy storage container export data

1. Classification society certificate and box certificate of energy storage cabinet

2. Maritime transport appraisal report + UN38.3 + MSDS

3. China Shipbuilding & Corporations (Container Certificate + Container Safety Photo Approval Certificate)

4. Battery energy storage cabinet front, side, back, nameplate, lithium battery and fire extinguishing system, air conditioning system fixing mode photo

5. Maritime declaration

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