Customs reminder: 2022 new declaration elements should not be omitted

2022-04-24 18:53

Standardized declaration is a basic work for customs tax collection and management, "self-report and self-payment" and the realization of "two-step declaration". This year coincides with the transition of the "Harmonized System", and the 2022 version of the "Customs of the People's Republic of China Customs Import and Export Commodity Standard Declaration Catalog" (hereinafter referred to as the "Regular Declaration Catalog") has undergone major adjustments compared to the past. In this issue, I will take you to see what major adjustments have been made, and what matters should enterprises pay attention to?


Some new application elements in 2022, do not miss reporting


(1) Some agricultural products have newly added elements related to genetically modified

Genetically modified commodities are a hotspot that people are generally concerned about, and it is also a factor that affects prices. The 2022 version of the Catalogue for Standard Declaration adds new elements to commodities such as corn, rapeseed, and cotton under items 1005, 1205, 1209, 2306, 5201, and 5203: "Transformed (non-transgenic) genetically modified, please indicate".

(2) Some new elements related to the approval and registration of some drugs

In order to cooperate with my country's VAT-related policies on anticancer drugs and rare disease drugs, the 2022 version of the "Standard Declaration Catalogue" adds new elements for drugs under items 3002 and 3004: "1. Please note whether the registration has been approved by the State Drug Administration. 2. If the registration is approved, please declare a valid registration number”. Enterprises are requested to fill in the information truthfully according to the registration information approved by the State Drug Administration.

(3) Some beverages and wines have newly added elements related to food quality

With the continuous changes in market development and demand, there are many factors that affect the quality of beverages (including wine), including production date, age, and barrel use (referring to aging in oak barrels such as bourbon barrels and sherry barrels), etc. . The 2022 version of the Catalogue for Standard Declaration adds new elements for water under item 2201 and non-alcoholic beverages under item 2202: production date; for whisky under sub item 2208.3, new elements: ageing year, barrel use.

(4) Adding commodity barcode elements to some imported commodities

In order to facilitate enterprise declaration and improve the accuracy of enterprise declaration. For some imported infant food, pasta, biscuits, beer, foreign wine, cosmetics and other commodities, a new element is added: "GTIN code". If the declared product has no product barcode, fill in "No GTIN".


海关提醒 出口申报 申报要素 外贸出口 海运出口


To simplify, the following elements do not need to be reported again


(1) Delete the price elements "pricing method" and "whether secondary settlement"

According to the relevant provisions of the "Announcement on Issues Concerning the Determination of the Dutiable Value of Imported Goods with Formula Pricing" (Announcement No. 44 of 2021 of the General Administration of Customs), the "Price Description" column is added to the customs declaration, and the options include "Formula Pricing Confirmation" and "Tentative" Price Confirmation". In order to avoid the second declaration, the 2022 version of the "Catalogue of Specification Declaration" no longer requires the above elements to be filled in the specification and model column.

(2) Delete the specification elements of some textiles

In order to further simplify the declaration of elements and improve the conformity between the declared elements and the classification of commodities, the 2022 version of the "Catalogue of Standard Declaration" has deleted some items in the category of textiles, such as "width", "whether weaving", "whether opening", etc. For details, please refer to the original text of the Standard Declaration Catalogue.



Some of the reporting elements have been optimized and adjusted


(1) Adjustment of Chinese and foreign language brand declaration requirements

The brand element was the hardest hit by the errors in the corporate standard declaration in the previous year. In order to facilitate the declaration of enterprises, the 2022 version of the "Catalogue of Standard Declaration" has adjusted the original element "brand (name in Chinese and foreign language)" to "brand (name in Chinese or foreign language)", Enterprises can choose a common language to declare the brand according to the actual situation, and finally do not have to worry about the situation of underreporting.

(2) Adjusting the use factors of integrated circuits

In order to adapt to the classification standards of the semiconductor industry, the 2022 version of the "Catalogue of Normative Declarations" adjusts the "use" of the original elements of integrated circuits under subheading 8542.3 to "application scenarios", and enterprises can fill in consumer electronics, computer systems, mobile phones according to actual conditions Terminals, communications, automobiles, medical health, other industries, general models, etc., finally do not need to worry about the embarrassing scene that it is difficult to accurately declare because the specific use is not known.



Customs reminder


Standardized declaration is the obligation of import and export enterprises, a basic management requirement for customs declaration of import and export goods, and an important basis for promoting trade facilitation. The content of the declaration of the enterprise must comply with the provisions of the "Customs of the People's Republic of China Customs Declaration Form for Import and Export Goods" and the "Customs of the People's Republic of China Customs Import and Export Commodity Standard Declaration Catalog", and meet the requirements of customs classification, price review, trade control and supervision.

This article only selects some representative adjustments and new elements to remind the majority of enterprises. It is the most effective method and approach for truthful, accurate and compliance declaration to conduct in-depth study and research on the latest version of the "Standard Declaration Catalog" before declaration. .

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