How does international shipping container transit work?

2024-06-06 09:00

In international trade, the shipping business plays a key role, and the container transit link is an indispensable part of it. This article will delve into the key operations of international shipping container transshipment operations, with a particular focus on the importance and challenges of consolidation and loading supervision.

1. LCL business

When the export goods cannot fill the entire container, the container freight station of the shipping company will carry out LCL business, and the less than FCL goods will be transported with other goods. LCL cargo needs to meet some basic conditions, such as the same destination port and the nature of the cargo does not conflict

In addition, in order to meet the special needs of cargo owners, shipping companies provide origin packing services, that is, empty containers are directly transported to the shipper's warehouse, and the containers are transported to the yard after the goods are packed. This customized service greatly improves the convenience of cargo owners.

2. the supervision of loading links

The shipper can also choose to ship the cargo to the container transfer station designated by the shipping company, which is responsible for loading the cargo into the consolidation container. However, loading supervision has become an important task, and shippers need to visit the site frequently to inspect the loading situation to prevent underloading or misloading. Although loading supervision is not a necessary part of the ocean freight business, many shippers still choose to check the packing status of the entire shipment in person due to the lack of trust in the quality of service by cargo owners

3. Challenges and solutions

The supervision of loading often wastes a lot of manpower and material resources, which has become a headache for many foreign trade companies. Solving this problem requires not only a higher level of service from shipping companies, but also a higher level of quality and responsibility for the staff of container yards and cargo terminals. By strengthening staff training and providing technical support, the occurrence of loading supervision can be effectively reduced and the quality and efficiency of work can be improved.

Consolidation and loading supervision in international shipping container transit operations can be challenging, but through collaboration and optimization, we are able to solve problems, improve efficiency, and ensure that the goods arrive safely at their destinations. Let us work together to contribute to the development of global trade.

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