What is Double Clear to Door? What are its advantages and disadvantages?

2024-06-05 09:32

In the field of cross-border e-commerce, many sellers may hear about the transportation method of "double clearance to door", but there are not many sellers who really understand its meaning and operation. Today, we will explore in detail what "double clearance to the door" is and its advantages and disadvantages.

What is "Double Clear to Door"?

"Double clearance" refers to customs declaration in the exporting country and customs clearance in the importing and exporting country. The "double clearance to door" means that the seller hands over the goods to the freight forwarding company, which is responsible for the entire transportation process, including trailers, export declaration, sea freight, customs clearance at the port of destination, and finally delivers the goods to the designated destination. This is a door-to-door one-stop service, which is often understood as "double clearance tax to door", which means that the seller needs to bear the greatest risk and responsibility.

Which goods are eligible for "Double Clearance to Door"?

Although Shuangqing to Door provides a convenient service, it is not suitable for all shipments. In general, this service is mainly for general cargo. Some sensitive goods may have problems clearing customs in the destination country. Therefore, it is not suitable to use this method. In addition, not all freight forwarding companies are able to offer "double clearance to door" service on any route or country.

Advantages of double clearing to the door

1. Convenience: The seller only needs to hand over the goods to the freight forwarding company and wait for the receipt. All kinds of problems in the transportation process will be solved by the freight forwarding company.

2. Save time and effort: reduce the seller's operation in logistics and customs declaration, saving time and energy

Disadvantages of double clearing to the door

1. Customs declaration risk: Some freight forwarding companies may choose to declare low or conceal in order to reduce tariffs, which increases the risk of customs inspection.

2. Risk of sharing EORI number: Sometimes multiple customers share one EORI number for customs clearance, once there is a problem with a certain shipment, other goods will also be affected.

3. VAT invoice problem: the buyer may ask for an invoice containing VAT, and if the seller cannot provide it, the buyer has the right to refuse to pay for the goods. Import VAT deduction problem: When using the freight forwarder's VAT for customs clearance, there is no import VAT to deduct, and the corresponding sales VAT needs to be paid during customs inspection

"Double Clear to Door" is an extremely convenient shipping method, especially suitable for cross-border sellers who want to simplify the logistics process. However, this approach also comes with a risk and challenge, and sellers need to fully understand the problems it may bring when choosing to use it, and be prepared accordingly.

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