Do you know under what circumstances international express goods will be returned?

2024-07-11 09:55

 The term "rushing" is believed to be familiar to many foreign trade people, and there are some items that may need to go through the "rushing" process when sending international express delivery overseas, which means that they have a certain chance of being returned by customs. So, what items are easily returned when shipping via EMS air freight?

What items can be returned?

Tape-charged items: These items are prohibited from being shipped by air and can only be transported by sea to increase customs clearance

Small quantities of liquids, meats and powders: These items can be washed in small quantities, but it is recommended to ship them by sea in large quantities.

Usually when packing in the warehouse, the staff will check for non-conforming items and notify the customer. In most cases, items that are able to be sent out will be packed normally. However, there are times when customs security is strict, although packages that pass through customs may also be returned.

What should I do if my package is returned?

Parcel returns are divided into domestic returns and destination country returns, and the processing methods of the two are different. 

Domestic Return Process: 

Resubmit: The customer resubmits the shipping request after receiving the return notice.

Warehouse inspection: warehouse personnel open the box for inspection, take out the non-conforming items and notify the customer.

Settlement weight: re-settle the weight after taking out the unqualified items to reduce the freight difference; If you need to increase the weight of the package, you can also pay the shipping fee.

Re-shipment: There is no need to pay a customs clearance fee, and we will arrange for a re-shipment directly. Many consolidation companies charge a customs clearance fee, but we don't.

Returned to the destination country for processing: 

If the package is returned by the destination country, there is no option to return it and resend it. At this point, you need to re-pay the shipping fee and ship it according to the process of the new package. 

Important Reminder

Foreign trade friends and cross-border e-commerce sellers need to pay special attention to the security inspection requirements of the customs. In particular, dangerous goods, such as flammable and explosive materials, should never be shipped. Once it is found that it carries dangerous goods or makes false declarations, the customs will deal with it in accordance with the law and impose penalties, and may even suspend the outbound business of the enterprise. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the content of the shipment is legal and compliant to avoid unnecessary headaches. 

Hope the above information can help you carry out international express business more smoothly!

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