Customs crackdown! Detain multiple containers, worth 100 million! The consignor was arrested

2024-07-02 09:30

Hong Kong Customs detected three suspected smuggling cases of using ocean-going vessels in June, Customs seized a large number of suspected smuggled goods with an estimated market value of about HK$100 million (about US$12.8 million) when inspecting three containers shipped from Hong Kong to Malaysia, and a 60-year-old man was arrested.

In June this year, Hong Kong Customs launched a special operation codenamed "Big Wave" against smuggling on ocean-going vessels, during which three cases were detected and a large number of smuggled goods were seized, including circuit boards, mobile phones, tablets, car parts, etc., with a total market value of about HK$100 million (about US$12.8 million).

Investigators said that based on intelligence analysis and risk assessment, Hong Kong Customs identified three 40-foot seaborne containers originally scheduled for export to Malaysia and inspected them on June 10, 17 and 23 respectively. The three containers were each declared to contain aluminium sheets, aluminium alloy and communication accessories, but upon X-ray inspection, all of them were found to contain suspicious images. The density and shape of the goods in the first two containers are not consistent with the declared aluminum sheets and aluminum alloys; The cargo in the third container is very messy, with different shades in the image, and some of the goods are large in size, which does not meet the characteristics of the small volume of communication accessories. Based on the above anomalies, Customs considers the container to be very suspicious.
      After follow-up investigation, a 60-year-old man who claimed to be the person in charge of the shipping company was arrested in connection with one of the cases. In the other two cases, the consignors were an overseas company and a company that had been dissolved. Investigation is ongoing, and it is not ruled out that more arrests will be made in the future.

Customs officers pointed out that the criminals involved in the case did not take any means to cover up, but blatantly packed the goods in three containers, and only intended to pass through the customs by falsely declaring the goods information. In addition, the items seized during the operation were all popular products smuggled into the mainland in the past, and it cannot be ruled out that some people used a roundabout route to smuggle the goods to Malaysia and then smuggle them to the mainland in order to evade inspection.
      Customs will continue to make targeted arrangements according to smuggling methods, and at the same time strengthen communication with the trade to prevent the use of Hong Kong's logistics chain by criminals. Under the Import and Export Ordinance, any person who imports or exports unmanifested cargo is liable on conviction to a maximum fine of HK$2 million and imprisonment for 7 years.

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