Attention foreign traders! How to deal with the abandonment of goods at the port of destination?

2024-06-26 09:21

In international trade, no one picks up the goods at the port of destination (abandoned goods) is a problem that cannot be ignored. There are many reasons for abandonment, including the shipper, the consignee, and transportation. In response to this problem, we need to take a series of measures to deal with it in order to minimize the damage and solve the problem.

Causes of abandonment:

1. Disputes between the consignor and the consignee: In some cases, the consignor does not receive the payment or the consignee has objections to the quality of the goods, resulting in abandonment.

2. Logistics problems and delivery delays: Logistics problems or delivery delays in the transportation process are also one of the main reasons for abandonment.

3. The problem of port of destination fees: too high port of destination fees may also lead to the consignee's reluctance to pick up the goods, which will lead to abandonment of goods.

How to deal with abandoned goods at the port of destination:

1. Communicate in a timely manner and seek solutions: After confirming the occurrence of abandonment, you should communicate with relevant parties as soon as possible, and cooperate with the carrier and the agent at the port of destination to formulate solutions.

2. Looking for alternative buyers: In the case of trying to find other buyers at the port of destination, choose whether to return the goods according to the value of the goods, and the return process should be reasonably handled according to the specific situation of the goods.

How to avoid abandonment at the port of destination:

1. Establish a trustworthy cooperative relationship: choose a freight forwarding company with rich experience to ensure that it can provide effective guidance at critical moments and minimize the possibility of abandonment.

2. Reasonable choice of trade terms and insurance: For goods with low value, avoid choosing DDU or DDP terms, and be sure to purchase abandonment insurance to reduce risks.

Abandonment at the port of destination is one of the common problems in international trade, and we need to take it seriously and take effective measures to solve it. It is recommended to strengthen communication, build trust, choose reliable partners, and formulate reasonable response plans to deal with potential risks and ensure the smooth progress of trade to the greatest extent in daily trade.

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