The composition and calculation method of cross-border logistics fees!

2024-06-15 09:23

As globalization continues to accelerate, cross-border shopping and international trade are becoming more common. The issue of fee calculation has attracted the attention of consumers and businesses. As an experienced logistics manager, I am often confronted with questions about such expenses from my customers. Today, I will introduce the composition and calculation method of cross-border logistics fees in a concise manner.

1. Composition of cross-border logistics costs

Shipping Costs: Covers the cost of land, sea or air transportation

Insurance: Calculated according to the value of the goods, it is used to ensure the safety of the goods

Packing Fee: The cost of ensuring that the goods are not damaged in transit

Customs Clearance Fee: The cost of customs clearance when goods enter and leave countries

Storage fee: The cost of storing goods in a transit warehouse

Value-added service charges: Additional service fees such as refrigeration or fast delivery

2. Calculation of cross-border logistics costs

Determine the mode of transport: choose the mode of transport (sea, land or air) according to the characteristics of the goods and the destination

Query rate: Query the rate of the current transportation method, different logistics companies quote differently

Calculated weight: Compare the volume weight (length * width * height / volume) and the actual weight, and use the larger value as the basis for billing

Add other costs: Add insurance, customs clearance, and more to the shipping cost to get the total cost

3. Ways to save cross-border logistics costs

Optimized packaging: Unnecessary packaging materials are reduced and volumetric weight is reduced

Reasonable arrangement of transportation: centralized transportation to reduce unit transportation costs

Choose the right insurance: Choose the insurance according to your needs and avoid bridging coverage

With these methods, you can effectively control cross-border logistics costs and improve transportation efficiency.

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