After the bridge was broken, the Port of Baltimore was finally opened to navigation! ! !

2024-05-04 14:29

Traffic in the Port of Baltimore has been severely affected since the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapsed due to an accident last month, but recent developments show that the situation is gradually returning to normal.

The latest news shows that several ships that have been stuck in the port since the bridge collapsed have successfully left the port and returned to the Atlantic through the newly opened deeper channel.

The first to leave was a general cargo ship named Balsa 94. According to the following information about the ship's track provided by Ship News Network for Xinde Maritime Network, the ship passed the Francis Scott Key Bridge at 2137 on the evening of the 25th, Beijing time.

Balsa 94 via the Francis Scott Key Bridge

This was followed by another general cargo ship, the Saimaagracht, then a car carrier named Carmen (pictured below), and the last to leave, owned by Thai dry bulk shipping company Precious Shipping The bulk carrier "Phatra Naree", a dry bulk carrier with a carrying capacity of 35,882 DWT, also filmed the video.

According to other sources, in addition to outgoing ships, the navigation of incoming ships is also resuming. U.S. Sugar Refining Co. said a shipment of raw sugar from Florida arrived at its refinery in Baltimore earlier this week.

The newly opened 12-meter-deep channel opened this week, but will be closed again next Monday to allow some clearing operations to begin.

Currently, the port's main channel is 15 meters deep and is expected to reopen next month after the Dali is removed.

In addition, Singaporean shipowner Grace Ocean and its ship management company Synergy Group will go on trial in Baltimore over accusations that the ship was in an "unseaworthy" condition when leaving port. Lawyers in Baltimore filed suit in the case this week.

The scene of the "Patranari" leaving the port marked an important step in the port's gradual return to normal operations. Although the bridge accident temporarily paralyzed the Port of Baltimore, the reopening of the port undoubtedly brought a glimmer of hope to the city.

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