Shanghai launched the city's batch closure control, how does it affect port and shipping logistics?

2022-04-24 18:55

上海疫情 上海封控 上海港 外贸出口


Shanghai released:



From 5:00 on March 28, Shanghai will implement nucleic acid screening in batches with the Huangpu River as the boundary. The first batch, Pudong, Pune and adjacent areas first to implement the closure, nucleic acid screening.

April 1, 5:00 unsealed. At the same time, the key areas in the Puxi area continue to implement the closure management. The second batch, from April 1 at 3:00, in accordance with the principle of stubble, the Puxi area to implement the seal control, nucleic acid screening, April 5 at 3:00 unsealed.

Within the closed area, the residential community to implement closed management, all personnel do not leave home, people and vehicles only into the. To ensure that the basic necessities of life, such as take-away, express delivery contactless delivery, shall not enter the residential area.

Within the closed control area, the operation of buses, subways, ferries, rental cars and online cars will be suspended. Epidemic prevention and control, emergency medical treatment, life support, urban operation, emergency disposal and other related vehicles, the district government or the competent departments of each industry to determine the verification of the passage, the rest of the vehicles are not necessary on the road.

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上海疫情 上海封控 上海港 外贸出口



Impact on Port and Maritime Logistics


From 5:00 on March 28, the facilities and operations of logistics companies in the areas of Pudong, Pune and adjoining areas where the closure control was implemented first have been announced to stop operations.



上海疫情 上海封控 上海港 外贸出口


After the implementation of the blockade, Shanghai port terminal operations are not much affected at the moment, what will be affected is the container truck operations. Although this blockade does not close the port, but the port operations, terminal operations efficiency will be affected, the epidemic cause port workers, truck drivers to enter and exit the port is not easy. This will lead to delays in timeliness, and freight rates are expected to be adjusted upward.

Some air freight forwarders said: because of the closure control may have temporary cancellation of flights, have to make further plans, the next few days will probably arrange cargo exports from other cities, then there are booked Shanghai flight positions also need to pay more attention to the Shanghai side of the flight and port situation, the direct impact of the domestic epidemic is to cause a reduction in capacity, which will lead to logistics prices continue to rise.

The outbreak of this round of epidemic is expected to drive up the cost of global shipping charters, and the transportation time of goods will also be extended. In addition, the supply chain crisis and the impact of rising transportation costs.

With the recent increase in fuel surcharges by shipping companies and soaring transportation costs, it is inevitable that logistics prices will also rise! Be sure to plan your shipments in advance, and make advance stocking plans.

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