Sudden! Israel's largest port was attacked by missiles! Trade is disrupted, shipping companies announce suspension of bookings

2024-05-08 10:10

In the early morning of May 5, the Shiite armed organization "Islamic Resistance Movement of Iraq" claimed to have launched a missile attack on Israel's largest port, Haifa Port, to support the people of Gaza and oppose the Israeli occupation. The organization also said it would continue to attack Israeli infrastructure in response to Israel's military operations in the Gaza Strip.
      The Turkish Trade Ministry issued a statement announcing the suspension of all import and export trade related to Israel. Based on this, Maersk issued an emergency notice on its official website, suspending import, export, transshipment and bookings in Israel.

Israel's largest port comes under missile attack

On May 5, the Shiite armed organization "Islamic Resistance Movement of Iraq" issued a statement stating that it launched a missile attack on the northern Israeli port of Haifa. Haifa Port is Israel's largest port, with an annual cargo throughput of nearly 30 million tons and a container throughput of approximately 1.5 million TEUs.

The "Islamic Resistance Movement of Iraq" stated that it used "Al Qab" cruise missiles to attack the Israeli port of Haifa to oppose the Israeli occupation and support the people of Gaza. They also said they would continue to attack Israeli infrastructure in response to military operations in the Gaza Strip.

Many Israeli seaports, including the Port of Haifa and Ashdod on the Mediterranean coast and the Port of Eilat on the Red Sea, have recently been attacked by the "Islamic Resistance Movement of Iraq" and the Houthi armed forces. The port of Eilat was almost disrupted in its import and export operations due to missile attacks by the Houthis.
      Since the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Israeli port operations have been frequently attacked by the Houthi armed forces, and the Red Sea routes have been disrupted. Houthi armed spokesman Yahya Saraya said on the 3rd that the Houthi armed forces will launch attacks on Israeli-related ships sailing in the Mediterranean, which means that the scope of the attack will be expanded to the Mediterranean. (Breaking news! Chaos in the Middle East! Israeli air strikes, the Houthis expand their attack scope to the Mediterranean, and the US military reveals major moves!)
      In addition, Saraya also said that if Israel launches an attack on the southern city of Rafah in the Gaza Strip, the Houthi armed forces will continue to expand the scope of the attack. In the past few months, they have had conflicts with Israel in the Red Sea, Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. All vessels of the trading company, regardless of their nationality and destination port.

Trade is interrupted! Maersk suspends import, export, transshipment, and bookings

Due to the announcement by the Ministry of Trade of the Turkish government that conflicts continue to occur in and around the country, all trade with Israel will be suspended. On May 5, Maersk’s official website issued a notice to suspend Israel’s import and export trade, transshipment and booking. The specific implementation restrictions are as follows , and takes effect immediately:
Suspend all exports from Türkiye to Israel

Suspend all imports from Israel to Turkey

Suspension of all imports destined for Türkiye and transshipped in Israel

Suspension of all Israeli-related third-country cargo transshipments in Türkiye

Suspension of all empty containers loaded from Israel or prepared for shipment to Israel

If the customer's new booking space has not been loaded between Israel and Turkey, or is transshipped to Israel via Turkey as a transit port, Maersk will need to trigger a change of destination (COD) or cancel the booking in accordance with the above restrictions. Likewise, cargo already in transit will need to be returned to the port of origin or unloaded at a nearby hub port.
      There is currently no indication as to when the Turkish government will lift restrictions. Maersk said it is looking for the best solution for customers' goods and will communicate all contingency details with customers as soon as possible, including cash on delivery and cancellation terms.

How will the interruption of trade between the two countries affect Israel?

On April 9, the Turkish Trade Ministry said in a statement that Turkey would implement export restrictions on 54 products from Israel starting that day, including cement, steel and construction materials. The statement said that this decision will remain in effect until Israel declares a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip and allows humanitarian aid to continue to enter the Gaza Strip.
      As Israel's brutal and reckless actions have led to the deteriorating humanitarian tragedy in Palestine, Erdogan believes that Israel's attacks on Palestinians in the Gaza Strip are comparable to the Nazi massacre of Jews. Turkey has decided to suspend all import and export trade related to Israel, covering all products. That is to say, Turkey unilaterally announced a complete cessation of economic exchanges with Israel.

This decision is undoubtedly a heavy economic blow to Israel. The two countries originally maintained close political and economic ties. According to Erdogan, the trade volume between Turkey and Israel has reached 9.5 billion US dollars, of which Israeli imports account for more than 76%. Türkiye mainly imports steel, machinery, minerals and fuels, and fresh agricultural products and food.
       To this end, Israeli Foreign Minister Katz said that he has instructed officials to immediately contact all relevant parties in the government to find response solutions, focusing on encouraging domestic production and imports from other countries. Today, the sudden interruption of this trade relationship is undoubtedly adding insult to injury for Israel, which is busy dealing with the challenges of war.

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