International Ocean Freight

International Ocean Freight


Ship owner direct mining, safe deposit box

Shipping to UK - FCL shipping by sea - double clearance tax

British Maritime Port of London:

Port of London (GB, port code: GBLON) is located in the United Kingdom (full name: THE UNITED KINGDOM OF GREAT BRITAIN AND NORTHERN IRELAND) The South and north coasts of the lower THAMES River, From the mouth of the river, it stretches upstream through TILBURY Harbour, over London Bridge, to TEDDINGTON Wharf, for a length of 80n mile.


Along both sides of the river there are many docks for loading and unloading cargo, oil docks, riverbank docks and repair docks.



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Order guide:


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Confirm the number of pieces after the goods are complete, pack and weigh uniformly


Confirm the weight and freight and send the express


Provide logistics tracking number and track goods until receipt


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