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International Ocean Freight


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Swiss Port/Basel Port

Port of Switzerland/ Port of Basel


Basel port is the most important river port in Switzerland. It is divided into three districts or sub-ports, namely the ports of Kleinhuningen, Birsfelden and MuttenzAu. All three ports are connected to major roads and railways in Europe. As a result, Switzerland has a fast and efficient supply network across Europe's major industrial zones and ports. The three sub-ports have access to 1.5 million square kilometers of Rhine waters, where there are many loading and unloading points for cargo, dry cargo, containers and tankers.



The ports are also connected to the Rotterdam-Basel-Genoa railway, with branch lines connected to important land routes. European airports are also located near the port. The port is equipped with huge silos for grain storage, gasoline and mineral oil storage tanks, and shipping containers.


The ports can handle 15 million tons of cargo a year. The main facilities of the port include: 4 triple container terminals, 390,000 cubic meters of grain granary, 85,000 cubic meters of bulk storage area. The tank has a capacity of 1, 255,000 cubic meters of liquid. The average length of a port terminal is 7 meters. It also has 250, 000 square meters of sheltered storage space and an open storage area at the container terminal with 210, 000 square meters. Storage space can be rented from private port companies. The port also has 60 fully operational cranes capable of moving 10 to 350 tons of cargo. The cabin ship has 20 landing platforms.



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