International Ocean Freight

International Ocean Freight


Ship owner direct mining, safe deposit box

Overseas warehouse service in Australia

Hongdex provides customers with back-end customs clearance delivery, warehousing, labeling change, and other services.
Your goods can be delivered to the door, Australia can double clearance tax to FBA warehouse, etc.


Company advantages:

1. Hongde has more than 40 professional freight consultants with an average experience of more than 10 years.

2. Hongde has long-term strategic cooperation with the shipping company, with an annual export volume of 4 million tons.

3. Hongde is guaranteed by China Insurance Group, and the loss of goods shall be paid 1:1.

4, we have sea, land and air logistics, transport to more than 200 countries/regions.

5, Hongde has one-to-one logistics service, so that your foreign trade business more smoothly.



Hongdex Freight Forwarding Co., LTD., 20 years of international freight experience, professional to provide customers with perfect international shipping, international air transport, land transport one-stop logistics solutions. With the rich experience of the management team, over the years of various sizes of project logistics successful operation experience, seamless team cooperation and feedback system, relying on the support of major shippers, airlines and local rich and very competitive supporting resources channels, in line with the "integrity first, service first, safe and fast" business philosophy, long-term commitment to provide customers with "save time, Save effort, save money, save worry "quality service.


Why choose us?


1. Price transparency: The freight price of Hongde is transparent, without any hidden charges.

2, professional and reliable: more than 20 years of industry experience, we tailor-made exclusive logistics solutions for you.

3, quality service: we have one to one exclusive customer service, for your goods export escort.


If you need to know more about FCL, LCL, FBA service, please contact us!


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