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International Ocean Freight


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FBA European Marine line

What are the characteristics of FBA European Marine special line?


The simple understanding of FBA European shipping is to send the goods to the Amazon warehouse by sea.


There are two modes of shipping: Shanghai dedicated line [shipping + express delivery], sea dedicated line [shipping + truck delivery].


Nowadays, goods exported to Europe usually choose the logistics transportation mode of European ocean dedicated line, the biggest reason is that compared with other ways, it has the following advantages.


1、Large transport volume, wide coverage

Through the Marine special line transportation channel can be transported to all parts of the country, and the volume of transportation is very large, for mass cargo transportation is particularly safe, one-time directly can all delivery, do not need to worry about the unstable situation of cargo transportation.


2、There is no need to worry about losses caused by transshipment of goods

Marine special line transportation does not need to transfer, there is no need to worry about the goods in transit, loss or damage and other losses. So choose other means of transportation, in the transfer station cargo loading and unloading will certainly appear a lot of problems, and the transportation time will be greatly affected.



FBA Marine special line


For mass cargo transportation, it can also reduce the cost to a greater extent and avoid various security risks caused by transit. The premise is to choose a professional company to provide logistics and transportation services, so that these advantages can be fully reflected.


Our company has established long-term close cooperation with the high-quality shipping company to sign long-term fixed shipping space to ensure that the warehouse is not filled in peak season.
The terminal delivery has its own delivery account, first-class customs clearance delivery ability, to ensure that customers' goods safely and quickly arrive at FBA warehouse.



01  Full container service

1. Booking space for the whole route; 2. Provide value-added services such as transportation appraisal, dangerous bag certificate and case inspection; 3. With public declaration and inspection qualification, customs clearance, commodity inspection and customs consulting services; 4. Doorpoint loading and unloading, warehouse unpacking and supporting supporting, labeling, reinforcement and other services nationwide.

02  LCL service

Booking, delivery, packing, customs clearance, insurance one-stop service.

Escort for your goods, to ensure your goods safe and fast delivery!

Route transport: Germany/UK/France/Denmark/Luxembourg/Netherlands/Czech/Poland/Italy/Greece/Spain and so on!


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