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  • Name: Foreign Trade Training

Alibaba Platform Management, Foreign Trade Skill Training, Enquiry Transformation, Exhibition Marketing, Whole Network Marketing


The training is presided by core lecturer teams led by a famous teacher team of Alibaba, with colorful course contents covering all aspects of the foreign trade industry.
The marketing of a whole network platform from the basic Alibaba platform operation to enquiry transformation, industrial operation, exhibition, etc.
All the courses are customized for enterprises. Systematic and process learning proposals are actual operation courses of foreign trade, which are incomparable to any university.
A professional lecturer team and enterprise management proposals come into reality, which can surpass a foreign trade manager with the annual salary of more than one hundred or twenty hundred thousands absolutely!
Let a professional foreign trade management and actual operation lecturer team help you to manage your team well, and define KPI to build a powerful foreign trade elite team!




Introduction to themes of partial courses:
Special training camp for newbies
·Special training camp for P4P practical operation
·Reply skills of emails and enquiries
·How to operate letter of credit to receive large orders
·How to do the whole network marketing well

BOSS Class of Cross-border E-commerce
·How to do KPI of foreign trade enterprises well
·How to receive orders from exhibitions
·Journey of foreign trade dreams
·Special training course of industrialized operation

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