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Speed up green logistics and create new logistics

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Environmental protection has always been the most concerned issue, and closely related to people's lives. With the emissions of human activities in logistics is increasing, the environment has been suffering from destruction, in order to prevent the development of this trend, the awareness of environmental protection is very important, today we bring is the concept of green logistics.

Green logistics can also be called green logistics, green logistics in Shanghai is mainly the effective control of the logistics system of pollution, namely in the logistics system and logistics planning, to minimize environmental pollution scenarios using as far as possible, such as the Shanghai quartz vein logistics, management of logistics vehicle emissions and limit the types of freight cars the travel route and so on. The main reason for this is that in the practice of enterprise logistics, the influence of various inventory strategies and various transportation tools on the environment is different.

What are the benefits of green logistics?

First, increase the efficiency of logistics work. A good route can speed up the time consumed in the logistics process, reduce the exhaust emissions of the vehicles, and reduce the pollution to the environment. Thus increasing the rate of time utilization, but also reduce the pollution of the environment.

Two, enhance the competitiveness in the same industry. From traditional logistics to modern logistics, the market of logistics is constantly expanding and developing. The focus of traditional logistics is only concerned about the circulation process of production to consumption, while the green logistics strengthens the protection of the environment on the basis of traditional logistics, and achieves the maximum social and economic benefits.

Why green logistics?

"13th Five-Year" since even later, China's industrialization, informatization, urbanization, agricultural modernization, green will further promote the development of the logistics industry, the demand of technology supply, system, resource and environmental constraints and other conditions will undergo major changes, recommend industrialization all-around, driven by a single mode of logistics industry to integrated logistics and green logistics development. "Logistics Internet plus" form will be a major reform, electricity supplier logistics, green logistics, digital logistics, wisdom logistics will develop rapidly. In addition, the market perfect system and the government's strategic change, land, resources and environment, requires the rapid development of green logistics.

The development of green logistics, in accordance with the idea of green logistics, the overall planning of the logistics industry, improve the service efficiency of the logistics industry. It is urgent to actively develop green commerce, advocate and encourage green consumption concept.

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