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Logistics informatization

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Logistics information refers to the use of modern information technology to collect, on all or part of the information generated in the process of logistics delivery, classification, collection, identification, tracking, query processing and a series of activities of logistics enterprises, in order to achieve the control of the process flow of goods, so as to reduce costs and improve efficiency of management activities. Logistics informatization is the soul of modern logistics, is the inevitable requirement and cornerstone of the development of modern logistics.

1 and two development directions

Southwestern University Yucai College Sun Chuanhong think: logistics information in an embarrassing position, know its importance, but it is unsatisfactory.

Two major contents of logistics informatization construction

1, infrastructure construction: including the development of logistics informatization planning and the corresponding laws and regulations, regulations, standards and norms, the development and application of key technology to carry out research on the mode of logistics, infrastructure construction and network communication, etc.. In the national medium and long term scientific and technological planning research, the informatization and standardization are listed as the two major key technologies of logistics technology.

2, logistics public information platform construction: refers to the computer communication network technology, to provide logistics information, technology, equipment and other resources sharing service information platform. With the integration of supply chain logistics information, logistics supervision, logistics technology and equipment and other resources, for social users to provide information services, management services, technical services and transaction services basic features.

The public logistics information platform, the information service needs a large number of authoritative government information management services is the responsibility of government logistics management, these two functions shall be borne by the relevant government departments responsible for construction to provide technical service and transaction service; the public logistics information platform can use the construction and operation of the market mechanism.

2, focus

Two key points of logistics informatization: collection of basic information, sharing and exchange of information.

In the new framework, focused on the "11th Five-Year" period of logistics information on the basis of information collection and information sharing and exchange in two aspects, our entire logistics informatization has four key problems need to be solved.

First, the collection of basic information. Our large amount of information or rely on manual input, so there are low efficiency, high error rate, update is not timely and other issues, affecting the entire transmission and application of late, and this is the basis of information technology. How to solve the problem of logistics information collection is the starting point, followed by the sharing and exchange of information.

Second, in the "11th Five-Year" period, we may take a program is to use RFID in logistics equipment, and our products may be based on bar code. This scheme is the basic framework of our logistics information, through the dynamic tracking and identification, indirectly grasp the information of goods, instead of using RFID technology to every commodity at once.

Third, the platform of information exchange and sharing system. Building a public platform has become a consensus, we are calling for information integration. However, people sometimes understand the public information platform as a tangible organization, a centralized information storage management agency, or a centralized management database. I think this understanding is very narrow and incomplete. I understand it is a system, there are many levels of work, establish some necessary centralized management of the database may be needed, but still more information exchange and share the information of a mechanism, a model. Therefore, the platform is actually to create a way of information exchange, information sharing and environment.

The construction of public information platform of logistics industry is the key and core link of logistics informatization at the present stage. Logistics revitalization plan of the State Council pointed out that during the "12th Five-Year" period, the state will focus on supporting the construction and development of logistics public information platform. At present, there are two public information platform for logistics industry nationwide have effect: 1, jctrans focuses on foreign trade logistics and air logistics, after years of development, business all over the country, especially the widespread influence in the coastal areas and the economically developed eastern regions; 2, Chinese Tong Network is committed to the construction of the domestic logistics information service platform, the service covers the railway, highway, water transport, air transport, move, courier and other logistics mode, more than 40 registered members across the country, had great influence in the logistics industry. In addition, the CCTV network has recently opened a logistics channel, it can be predicted that in the future will be more competitors to join the industry.

After that, the coordination and opening of the administrative supervision system is an important breakthrough point of the whole information system logistics informatization. Why? Our various departments, especially some of the regulatory authorities in the logistics, as important as the Ministry of communications, Ministry of railways, customs, commodity inspection departments in logistics have played a role, we need these systems to share, to open to the society. Because we know, the railway system has basically realized the vehicle RFID tracking, with good, and their benefits are also high, but not open to the community, so logistics companies still can not use.

3 and four requirements

Four main points of sales management

Logistics informatization

Establish customer files and contract management through sales management, improve customer credit monitoring system;

Establish dynamic management of customer orders, respond to customer orders quickly, and deal with sales refund / replacement requirements in time;

Establish a flexible sales price strategy and sales discount management; sales invoices, receivables, cost accounting and financial system set

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