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Definition of project: construction project refers to the enterprise engaged in project management, which is entrusted by the owner of the project to carry out professional management and service activities in the whole process or stages of the project construction. Engineering project is a project with engineering construction as its carrier, and it is a one-off project construction task as the managed object. It takes buildings or structures as the target products. It needs to pay a certain fee, complete in accordance with certain procedures and within a certain time, and meet the quality requirements.


Characteristics: Project contracting is specially tailored for the management of large-scale construction projects. According to the characteristics of construction industry projects, it emphasizes the management of basic engineering data, basic business processes, project progress, internal control, contract management, project budget, cost evaluation and project cost, etc. It provides organic integration and penetration through abundant tools and methods. The decision-making information needed in the whole process of project management in construction industry can monitor the problems in the process of project execution in real time, realize centralized data management and reduce unnecessary management links.


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1. Material type: The material quantity involved in the project project is huge and the variety is complex. Before arranging shipment, please provide detailed material information (name, number of pieces, weight, packing size, etc.) so that our company can work out the most suitable transportation plan for you.
2. Time Node: The project project needs to adjust the construction plan according to the needs of the owner, which results in temporary adjustment of material delivery arrangement and deviation of the original plan at the other time node. In order to avoid the operation delays caused by such special circumstances, please communicate with our company in advance and inform the relevant needs. Our company will provide you with a number of emergency plans and standby plans, so as to provide efficient cooperation for your project work.
Packaging requirements: In order to provide good packaging protection for materials, goods should not be bare packed. It is suggested that foam film, cardboard carton, loose-leaf wooden box or pallet should be used to protect the goods. In addition, in order to save transportation costs, log packaging is not recommended. If you have to use logs due to overweight of individual materials, you should inform us in advance so that we can arrange fumigation Service for you. For individual large-scale materials with larger volume or weight, the bottom should have sleepers or undercarriages not less than 10 cm in order to facilitate forklift operation.


Transportation cases of engineering projects
After more than 10 years of development, Guangzhou Hongde International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd. has become a designated logistics partner of China Aviation Group and Shenzhen Tencent Group with professional services, efficient work efficiency and perfect customized project transportation scheme in the field of project engineering. For Shenzhen Tencent image QQ delivery of goods to overseas companies & amp; sub-points. At the same time, Hongde International acts as logistics and transportation partner of China Aeronautical Technology Engineering Department - Essex Airlines Hotel Project. During the cooperation period, it has received many praises from customers, and has been maintaining a very good cooperative relationship with customers, which has become one of the indispensable backing of its engineering projects. Hongde International is also a registered transport agent of China Aviation Group and Shenzhen Tencent Group.


< strong >Case of mdash; & mdash; air charter plane of Essy Hotel Project < strong >
In August 2018, China Aviation Group was entrusted by Ethiopian Airlines (the owner) and urgently needed to complete the construction of the cafe in Essy Project Hotel by mid-September. After receiving the commission, the customer contacts, communicates and negotiates the transportation plan with the air transport service providers who cooperated with him before. After two weeks of effort, service providers finally notified them that they could not operate such large and complex materials. At last, the CAAC project team contacted Hongde International and hoped that our company could provide transportation plan for its urgent mission. Considering the timeliness requirement and the particularity of materials (huge amount of materials, various types of goods, most of the material sizes are too long, too large and overweight), Hongde International immediately set up a special group after obtaining the general information of the above-mentioned goods, started to formulate plans and provided two sets of air charter flights to customers in time. Moreover, according to the particularity of the goods, Hongde Special Group personally went down to the factory to provide customers with a variety of packing schemes to ensure that the goods in the transport process can be well protected, save space and save costs.





After several discussions with the CAAC project team and comparing the schemes of other freight forwarders, the project team decided to adopt the Charter scheme formulated by Hongde International and entrusted our company with full responsibility for the arrangement. Under the perfect transportation plan and the cooperation of the professional team, the materials exceed the customer's expectations and arrive at the hotel site ahead of time. Make the project completed ahead of schedule and delivered to the owner efficiently. Ethiopian Airlines has further affirmed and trusted China Aviation Group. And clearly indicate that phase 2 and phase 3 of the project or continue to entrust us to China Aviation Group to build!




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