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Guangzhou Hongdex International Forwarding Co., Ltd. is an excellent one-partner enterprise of Alibaba in Pan-Shun regions (Panyu+Shunde). Our company has once won the titles of “One-partner Pioneer”, “Excellent One-partner”, “National GMV King Pioneer Award” (National Top-ten), “The Most Alibaba-style Award”, “The Most Beautiful Ecological Iron Army”, “The Second Place of Alibaba Jockey Club”, “Great Guangzhou Petty Financial Champion”, “Gold Medal Finance and Tax Partner”, etc. Serving numerous customers in the local region, we have won good praises by professional service!


Operating Alibaba ExportPass for six years and TrustPass for nine years, Hongde is familiar with the operation of Alibaba platform, and can provide SMEs with professional integral solutions of foreign trade. We provide all-around integrated comprehensive foreign trade services such as website operation, customer operation, platform management, customs declaration, commercial inspection, exchange collection, tax rebate, logistics and financing, talent cultivation and so on! With 20 years of international freight experience, Hongdex International provides international express service, air transportation, sea transportation, land transportation and other integrated logistics services. In the business philosophy of “Integrity First, Service Supreme, Safe & Quick”, our company has been devoted to provide customers with “Time-saving, Labor-saving, Money-Saving, Worry-saving” high-quality services for a long time. Meanwhile, Hongde also is a member of Panyu Website Trade Association and a member enterprise of Guangdong Mobile E-commerce Association, which is well recommended by customers. We have deeply won the trust of customers by virtue of excellent service attitude and professional level.

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